Monday, May 31, 2010

Complete Disassembly and Detail Cleaning of the 1911.

Today we will be disassembling the most popular handgun in America. The classic 1911. This is a Colt Commander model with a few modifications. This guide is for a Colt model 70 style pistol, some other models, such as Colt model 80s and Kimbers that have an additional firing pin safety that is not covered in this guide at this time. There are a wide variety of manufacturers out there for these pistols, and there are a wide range of variations, but all 1911s will follow this basic design.

Learning to completely disassemble your gun is the best way to learn how it functions, allows the gun to be thoroughly cleaned, and you will be able to see any broken or worn parts, or other potential problems.

These are the tools we will use. It doesn't take much to take apart a 1911: a screwdriver, a drift punch, a hammer and a bushing wrench should be enough to get it done.

Welcome to Warlock Firearms.

I know it isn't much to look at just yet, but stick around. I plan to update this page periodically with various posts about guns, gunsmithing and the firearms industry.

I am working on an article on how to hand-checker 1911 grips, and that should be up in a couple of days. I also plan to update this periodically with detailed disassembly and maintenance information for various firearms, shooting tips, and the occasional how-to for various gunsmithing tasks that you can do at home.

Stay tuned, and always follow the four rules of firearms safety.